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Reiki anywhere, anytime

Did you know that Reiki can be done anywhere, anytime, and travel distances?

This means that you can have a get-together and treat your friends, families, and/or co-workers with relaxing "bliss" and energy healing. This could be a #bridalshower, #teambuilding event, #workplace outing, #familyreunion, at the #workplace, the possibilities are endless! What an amazing and #unique gift.

So what is distance reiki? Reiki can be used to transcend time and space with one translation being ‘having no past, present or future'. This means that if you live in the Midwest or on the East Coast, better yet- another country. My reiki can and will reach you because I can transmit Reiki across distances both near and far.

Distance reiki can also be used when you are on-the-go and don't have time for a standard appointment. Have an important meeting coming up or an interview that you need to be grounded for? Or you might have the flu or sickness in which you can't even get out of the house. These are also ideal scenarios for distance #reiki.


Ready to book your group event or distance reiki session?

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