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What is a Chakra?

Chakra means spinning wheel of energy or energy center. The word Chakra comes from the Sanskrit word cakra, meaning "wheel".

You're already quite familiar with your physical body- your bones, muscles, organs, etc. but your physical body isn't the only body we have. We have the energy body, the emotional body, the mental body, and more. The chakra system is located within our energy body.

Everything is made up of energy.

The energy body is the human energy field that extends beyond our physical bodies and has many layers. The layers are referred to as our aura, which connects the energy body to our physical body.

Think of your chakra system as your spiritual bloodstream- connecting and supporting your energy body to your physical body.

Each of the chakras is associated with specific organs, endocrines, issues, emotions, colors and elements. Balancing these centers can have a physical, emotional and spiritual effect on an individual.

Any negative thought, belief, emotion, situation, etc. can prohibit chakras from functioning properly. For example, say you are traveling and are feeling ‘home sick’. This could cause your Root Chakra to become congested or blocked- which then in turn could cause a multitude of issues with feeling ungrounded, feeling “stuck”, having lower back pain or foot pain, being un- motivated, procrastinating, the list goes on... So, if you don’t deal with the emotion/situation or take action, it could manifest into disease, pain, illness, or issues down the road.

When we get in touch with the energy within our chakras, we connect with ourselves more fully and learn how to heal ourselves from within and on all levels (mind, body, spirit).

Everything is connected...

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