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A Spirit Guide Reading allows you to "meet" your guides by learning who they are at soul-level and receiving messages, guidance, and coaching from them by accessing your Akashic (soul) records and through channeling. 



A Spirit Guide Reading with Jenni is a way for you to receive guidance, messages, and coaching from your Inner Circle of Spirit Guides. Jenni is a certified Soul Realignment® practitioner and utilizes the Akashic (soul) records as a way to communicate with your Spirit Guide team. 

Spirit Guides are souls who assist us in aligning to our Divine self-expression within our physical experience and assist us in creating the experience we want for ourselves. 

Your Spirit Guide team is exclusively assigned to assist you on your journey in this lifetime provides you with an endless flow of guidance and inspiration and you typically interact with them on a daily basis. Your Inner Circle of Guides is around you all the time and at least one of them has been with you from birth. You “hire” the others as you have progressed through adolescence into early adulthood.

Your Spirit Guides operate solely based on your intentions for your life and relay the energy of your intentions out into the larger Universe. Whether your intentions are conscious or unconscious, authentic, on purpose, or not ... your Guide team’s job is to guide you based on your intentions.

Having more information on who your guides are and how they interact with
you can help you receive guidance from them more effectively. It also helps
you feel spiritually supported at all times, which can be incredibly comforting.



Before the session, Jenni will request some information from you (current name, name at birth, birthdate, birth place) and you will grant her permission to access your soul's records. 

Jenni will then access your soul's records, or Akashic records, on your behalf. Think of your Akashic records as an energetic database that stores every choice we have ever made. Jenni will then channel your Spirit Guides. Channeling is simply the spontaneous relaying of wisdom and information from the 5th dimension and above. This all takes place before your phone session. 

In order for your session to be recorded for you, you will have your session with Jenni via Zoom (video is not necessary) to review what your Spirit Guides have relayed to you. If you have not had a Soul Healing Session with Jenni before, it is highly recommended to do so, although not required. If you have not had a Soul session, your Soul-level characteristics and gifts will be given to you- which is your framework for living an abundant life. 


The following is a outline of information you may receive from each guide:

  • How many guides you have

  • Physical Appearance

  • Gender

  • Their Soul's Characteristics & Gifts

  • Role and/or Special Assignment

  • Name

  • Impulse (how they get your attention)

  • Personal Message





After you have your initial Spirit Guide Reading, you will be invited to participate in Spirit Guide Coaching sessions. This is a way for you to receive on-going communication and guidance from your Inner Circle by Jenni channeling  and holding a space of non-judgment.

Every reading and coaching session is recorded for you and will be sent within 24 hours of the session. 

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