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Do you feel "stuck"? Are you having troubles manifesting the life that you desire? 

Are you repeating the same patterns and don't know why?

Would you like to have your ideal relationship, resolve a chronic health issue, shift your career, improve a relationship with a family member, or hit a new income level? It starts with understanding your soul's Divine self-expression. 

It is possible to shift and create something new, something better, by finding who you are again at soul-level. 



A Soul-Healing session with Jenni is a way for you to transform your life in ways you could never have imagined.


Jenni is a certified Soul Realignment® practitioner and utilizes the Akashic records as a way to help you understand who you are at soul-level, what your energetic 'gifts' are, what is blocking or restricting you from living an abundant life, and what negative karmic patterns and programs your soul has been running in the background. If there has been any soul-loss, Jenni will facilitate the healing and reclaiming process.


Before the session, Jenni will request some information from you (current name, name at birth, birthdate, birth place) and you will grant her permission to access your soul's records. 

Jenni will then access your soul's records, or Akashic records, on your behalf. You can think of your Akashic records as an energetic database that stores every choice we have ever made. The information that Jenni will retrieve includes who you are at soul-level, what energetic gifts your soul possesses and specializes in, what is holding you back from living an abundant life, and what negative karmic patterns are affecting your current human experience. This all takes place before your phone session. 

You will then have your phone session with Jenni to discuss your Divine Soul Blueprint, your blocks and restrictions, your patterns, and how to heal. The healing process begins with Jenni setting the intention and sending Reiki at the end of the call. The call will be approximately 60-90 minutes in length with an additional 30 minutes of healing after the call. The call will be recorded for you to listen again afterwards if you wish. 

After the session, you will have a 21-day transformation process, which includes a level of commitment from you. This transformation process includes reclaiming your soul loss (if applicable), shedding away the negative karmic patterns, and finally stepping into your Divinity to live an abundant life. 



$50 for a Property Alignment and Clearing 

Now accepting applications for the 6-Month Soul Transformation Intensive

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