Sound Bath Meditation

A meditative experience with Crystal Singing Bowls

Give yourself or your group the gift of a unique & memorable employee experience!

Whether you are looking to give yourself or a group a relaxing experience or are looking to practice mindfulness, a Sound Bath Meditation helps to clear the "clutter" out of the day. Ultimately, it causes a deep relaxation and rejuvenation of the spirit and mind.

Sound Meditation is synonymous with “Sound Bath”. It is a meditation because the sound and vibration gives you something to focus on when your mind wanders. It is a bath because it bathes you in healing vibrations and beautiful sounds. No swimsuits or towels required!

Enjoy your own personal Sound Bath with Jenni or book an event for your group or workplace event. Jenni provides Sound Baths at the Ballena Bay office, on the Alameda Beach (May-Oct), at the workplace (a conference room works perfectly), a bridal or baby shower, a family reunion, virtually anywhere.

For group events, each person is laying down in the “Savasana” yoga position (also known as... just laying down) on a mat on the floor while the Crystal Singing Bowls are played. Clients have reported an increase in productivity and stress management with their employees. Group events include - pillows, mats, and blankets for 15 people.

Contact Jenni today to discuss how we can make you or your group "lighter" & less stressed out :)



Personal Sound Bath

60 min personal sound bath on a comfortable , warm massage table

Sound Bath on the Beach

60 min sound bath on Alameda Crown Beach. Available May through October

Group Sound Bath

60 min sound bath for any size group on-site at your location. Such a treat!

Unsure about what to book or want to speak with Jenni first? Book a complimentary phone consultation!

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